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I know thoughts of little mice scurrying around are already filling your brain when you read this word. Despite this, rodents are some of the most diverse creatures on the planet. They can range from the most common house mice all the way to large capybara. A fun fact about rodents is that they actually make up about 40% of all the species on planet Earth!

Rodents themselves are notorious for spreading disease and spoiling food. Your most significant problems in this area are likely to be rodents such as black rats, house rats, and the aptly named house mouse. 

Below we are going to explain the differences between mice and rats and how we can offer our expert rodent control services to you and what that entails.

Differences between mice and rats

“There’s a difference” I can hear you thinking. Yes, there is a difference between mice and rats. This is a vital distinction to make as it can help us narrow down the rodent exterminator methods we need to undertake. If you still can’t figure it out, please do not worry as our rodent removal experts will be able to figure it out themselves.


The best way to distinguish a mouse from a rat is by observing the mouse’s size. House mice tend to be much smaller than their larger rat counterparts. A normal house mouse usually measures from around 3-10 cm.

Sometimes these small mature mice can be confused with young rats. To further distinguish the two look out for the longer tail and larger ears on a mature mouse in comparison to its body length.

A young rat tends to have much larger feet and an enlarged head compared to its contemporary much smaller house mouse. As a general rule of thumb, the young rat usually has much larger individual features than the mature house, which is generally well-proportioned. 

We understand this can be quite confusing for someone who has never had experience in rodent control before. Don’t worry, though, as our highly trained mouse exterminators can take care of all your worries. 


To further complicate things, the Rats commonly found plaguing your home can actually be different and exhibit different behaviors and appearances; this is why we recommend our expert rat exterminators to identify and exterminate these rodents within your home.

Brown Rat

Brown rats have a thick body with a tail that is never longer than the length of the Brown Rats torso. On top of this, the Brown Rat has a preference for cereal-based products and will often take note of where foods are located and go back to the same place to snack. This makes baiting brown rats much easier.

Black Rat

Black rats have thin torsos but large slender ears. Black rats are much smarter than their Brown Rat brethren and prefer fruit. Compared to Brown Rats, the Black Rat is quite intelligent as it won’t eat food it finds in the same places. This makes the Black Rats much harder to bait out.

Why you should hire Rodent Control

Identifying all these different kinds of rodents can be challenging work; they all have different shapes and sizes, eating habits, and even different types of droppings. This is why we recommend you take advantage of our high-end rat exterminator and mouse exterminator services.

Our rodent removal experts will quickly and efficiently identify the types of rodents infesting your homes and then use a variety of sophisticated methods to safely dispose of any infestations and nests within your home.

Rat Control

Our techniques involve the use of safe and child-friendly Rodenticides as part of a bigger picture plan when factors such as infestation levels, breeding sites, and Rat species have been determined. You’re in safe hands with us, guaranteed.

Mouse Control

Due to the smaller size of mice, a slightly different technique is used by our mice exterminator. We use a series of state-of-the-art mouse traps to bait out these little creatures and dispose of them cleanly and efficiently for you!

What are you waiting for?

We promise you a quality service at a fair price to get rid of any rodent problem you may have. Just call or email us, and we’ll quote you a fair price to get your rodent problems sorted!
Don’t let the rodents in your home hold you hostage anymore. Please get in contact with us, and all your rodent worries will soon melt away!