Roaches Extermination
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Do you need roaches extermination?

Roaches thrive in dark, hidden spaces like under floors or within walls if they can fit. This makes spotting them an incredibly tricky task. If you manage to spot any in your house, it is highly likely they are not alone since roaches only begin to come out of their hiding places when the hidden spots they live in are at maximum capacity. 

Without control, your lovely living spaces can quickly become overwhelmed and uncomfortable to live in. Other signs of needing investigation include small droppings behind household objects such as refrigerators, as well as a musky smell in certain rooms of the house. 

Can I get rid of Roaches myself?

Getting rid of roaches can be an incredibly difficult task for someone to do on their own. You could go to your local store and buy some anti-roach spray and probably kill a of the pesky creatures you see scurrying around in your house. However, it isn’t as straightforward as this. A single cockroach can produce up to 250-400 offspring. That is an incredible amount of offspring if you think about how many could be in your house at this very moment. 

So think before you decide to go gung-ho and declare mission accomplished. This is why we recommend you call a reliable pest control expert.

Get a professional in

You’ve probably looked up “roach exterminator near me” and came across our high-quality team of pest control technicians. All of our pest control teams are fully licensed and have the necessary expertise to establish what needs to be done. 

Once our team has evaluated the type of pest in your home, the next steps are to determine the amount of action that needs to be taken. If your home is overwhelmed by these hard to deal with creatures, the whole house may need full fumigation services. If the infestation is more limited, only one or a couple of rooms may need fumigating. 

Our fumigation services comply with all local safety standards, and we will let you know about any health risks or actions you should take to avoid exposure to the pesticides we use to eradicate cockroaches. Limited fumigation should only take a few hours maximum. More extensive fumigation could potentially take over half a day.

After our teams are done dealing with any rooms on your property, we recommend that you keep yourselves, any children, and any pets away from the affected rooms for at least one hour. If you happen to see any vermin still scurrying around in the fumigated rooms after we are finished, please do not worry as this is completely normal. Our pesticides last for up to 2 weeks after they have been applied to your home. During these two weeks, the risk to your family and pets is completely negligible.

It may be a necessity for our teams to re-visit your property after wide-ranging fumigation efforts just so that it can be established with certainty that your roach infestation is well and truly gone for good. We will also advise you on precautionary methods that you should take in the future so that you can save money and avoid any issues from happening again!

Informing your neighbors

Don’t worry about feeling ashamed for having a roach problem as they are some of the most common infestations households get. It is an excellent idea to let your neighbors know about any treatment your house is getting. Cockroaches have been known to escape from one home and re-housing themselves in surrounding neighbors’ houses. By informing your neighbors, this gives them the chance to seal up any small spaces or cracks that could be crawled into.

Do you want those roaches gone?​

Please get in contact with us right away, and we’ll send a team out to evaluate what action needs to be taken. We’ll identify the species of roach in your home and see just how far the scourge has spread.

Don’t wait any longer; our team is waiting for your call or email, and we understand just how stressful figuring out any pest issues are. We will listen to any concerns you may have and put your mind at ease. After our evaluation is complete, we will name you a fair price on our services, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with all we have to offer! What are you waiting for? Get in contact as soon as possible! Don’t let roaches control your home.