Mosquito Control
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Mosquito Control

There are many different species that live on our beautiful planet — earth. Over 65 million years ago, an estimated 75 percent of all species on earth at that time were wiped out. Unfortunately, mosquitoes were not among that 75 percent. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but a genuine health hazard –, and the need for proper mosquito control has never been higher. As the planet’s temperature continues to rise, so does the rate that disease-carrying mosquitoes spread illnesses such as malaria and Zika virus.
That’s where we come in. Our mosquito control services will guarantee you the freedom to walk outside without the fear of being covered in itchy bumps within minutes.

How Necessary is Mosquito Control?

When people generally think about insect infestation, the first thing that comes to mind is probably roaches. As gross and intrusive as these insects can be, the threat they pose in a household is very small. Ironically, there is a much smaller insect with a much larger impact that we don’t tend to think about as often – the mosquito.
While roaches tend to be more of a pest inside of a house, roaches dominate the surrounding area of the home. If you have ever stepped into your backyard for what seemed to be a mere minute or two, only to come back inside with your ankles swollen with bites, you might be in need of mosquito control.

Types of Mosquito Control

Mosquito control sounds pretty self-explanatory; keeping the population of mosquitoes at bay and managing the damage they do to both humans and wildlife. But there is a little more to it than that. There are several classifications of mosquito when it comes to mosquito control.

  • Nuisance mosquito control
  • Economically relevant mosquito control
  • Public health mosquito control

Nuisance Mosquito Control

This is what we are primarily known for. Dealing with the troublesome mosquitoes that have taken control of your backyard. Whether you are in need of mosquito control for the backyard, or if they have even invaded the inside of your home, we can help. There are a variety of ways of doing this, including the use of chemicals such as malathion and permethrin. If your recent web searches for “mosquito control near me” have gotten you nowhere, please contact us. We would love to help.

Economically Relevant Mosquito Control

Economically relevant mosquitoes are mosquitoes that interfere with the economy by having a negative impact on types of businesses. This includes real estate, tourism, agriculture, livestock, and more. The presence of mosquitoes alone can devalue a house or an entire area if the mosquito population is too high. People go on vacation to have a good time; worrying about getting eaten alive by mosquitoes on their trip could easily ruin it – thus creating a decrease in tourism. Mosquitoes can negatively affect agriculture and even kill livestock – just another reason why mosquito control is so necessary.

Public Health Mosquito Control

It’s no secret that mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases. They are responsible for more deaths than any other species on the planet. While the bite of a mosquito is mildly irritating at worst, it’s what happens because of the bite that is so detrimental. Because of the threat that mosquitoes all over the world pose, it is absolutely necessary to keep them under control. As the climate worldwide gradually warms, so does the rate of exposure to mosquitoes. The need for mosquito control and mosquito treatment will be needed more than ever.

Are professional services necessary?

Yes and no. If you notice a single mosquito in your home, you probably will be okay with a fly swatter, a spray, or even a good clap of your hands if you are fast enough. However, if there is a clear infestation and the bites become overwhelming – or worse; you contract a disease from the mosquitoes in your house, mosquito control services might be necessary.

How can I Kill Mosquitoes on my own?

The best defense against mosquitoes is prevention. Try to make your home as unappealing to a mosquito as possible. This includes keeping the inside of your house cool, not leaving out any still water – where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs; and utilizing repellent sprays in your house. In addition, there are candles and special LED lamps designed to repel or even kill mosquitoes. While there are certain circumstances that can’t be helped, such as living in a more humid climate where mosquitoes are abundant, it always helps to take as many precautions as possible.

Take Back Control of Your Home

If you have a serious problem with mosquitoes and are in need of our services, please contact us so we can be of assistance to you. It’s time you take back control of your home.