Bee Removal
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How do I spot a Bee problem?

Determining whether or not Bee Removal is needed can sometimes be quite hard to spot if you have large spaces in your home. The best way to know if bees are present within your living space sounds quite obvious. If you notice increased bee presence in your home compared to usual, it is highly likely a nest has formed somewhere in or around your home.

There are a variety of techniques to deal with bees, sometimes nests can be safely removed, and the bees can be re-located. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, and bee nests may have to be removed by our specialist bee exterminator service.   

Our bee control teams have the knowledge to identify what kinds of bees are infesting your home and can then use this knowledge to determine the best course of action to take to clear your home from bees and their nests.

There are many kinds of bees, which are commonly found within homes, which we will explain to you now.

Honey Bees

These bees often have the highest birth rates, and there can be thousands of them swarming a nest at any time.  We highly advise that you don’t approach bee nests as Honey Bees do sting if they feel as if their nest and Queen are under threat. Instead, we recommend you contact us right away, and our bee removal service will get in touch with you.

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are, without a doubt, the largest kind of bee you will find potentially living in your home. Bumble Bee nests are commonly found either outside or within house attics, which can make the actual nest harder to spot. Again Bumble Bees don’t usually sting unless they feel their nests are threatened, so caution is advised. 

Mining Bees

This kind of bee is unique due to the fact that Mining Bees don’t have a Queen; instead, all female Mining Bees have the ability to lay eggs, which makes their reproductive rate incredibly high. Mining Bees typically form a habitat inside of the ground or within brick and mortar rather than an exposed nest.

Preparing for our arrival

The minute you spot a large bee nest or notice increased bee activity in or around your home; your first thoughts need to be, “I need bee removal near me.” Luckily for you, we offer a speedy and efficient service. Make sure to keep activity near the bee nest as low as possible and try and close all windows and doors during the day. Whatever you do, please don’t attempt to block the nest off as this will aggravate the bees and lead to stings!

How we get rid of the bees

Once the type of bee has been evaluated and established by our bee control team, we take every step to try and preserve the in-danger bee species, but this can’t always be guaranteed as there are a number of factors to take into account.
Bees do not hesitate to sting when threatened and need to be eradicated as quickly as possible to lower the chance of a new nest re-appearing. To achieve this goal, we use a range of insecticides specific to bee eradication.
However, due to the sheer number of bees within any nest, we can never guarantee the eradication of every swarm of bees; we can usually eradicate enough bees so that nests won’t appear again.

What happens after we spray the bees?

After we have sprayed the bees with our insecticides, the bees will go into a hyperactive state for up to 24 hours. Following this time period, activity should die down, and bees should begin to start dying in large numbers across seven days.

If you are still worried about the bee levels in or around your home after this seven day period, please feel free to call up our bee exterminator team again, and we will come and re-evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

Don't hesitate

Remember, if you spot high bee levels around your home, your first thought should be “bee exterminator near me” We are easy to reach and promise the highest quality of service with some of the fairest prices on the market. Don’t you want to stop worrying about being afraid of going outside? Let us take care of all your bee infestations so that your life can get back to normal. Bees be gone!